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Olduvai Gorge Museum

Olduvai Gorge Museum (Ngorongoro Conservation Area) — Founded by Mary Leakey in the late 1970s, Olduvai Gorge Museum is now looked after by Tanzania’s Department of Cultural Antiquities. The attraction was created to house fossils of early hominids, as well as tools and other paleontological artefacts found in the area around Olduvai Gorge. In the […]



  TAXI –in Arusha (as on other parts of Tanzania), since taxis there are not metered, it is best to negotiate the fare before boarding. The taxi services that function in Arusha are: Impala Shuttle Services: +255 754 678 678 Tarimo Taxi Service: +255 756 595 945 InDriver Taxi App: this Russian taxi app launched […]



MINIBUSES – the main mode of public transport in Arusha is the daladala. These minibuses are ubiquitous all over Tanzania, and are very cheap, at TZS400 (about 25 cents) for any trip around town. However, they tend to cram in as many people as possible, so safety is a real concern, and pickpocketing can happen […]


Mbalageti Serengeti

Mbalageti Serengeti (Serengeti National Park) – located on the western corridor of the Park, this lodge offers a breathtaking 360-degree panorama view of the Serengeti Plain lands and the Mbalageti River, where one of the main attractions is the annual migration of wildbeest and zebra. Morning diners have the option of an exclusive bush breakfast, […]


BOMA Grill

BOMA Grill (Four Seasons Lodge, Central Serengeti, Serengeti National Park) – this restaurant is styled as a Masai boma with the exotic touch of luxury people come to love at the Four Seasons. Natural wooden appointments with a central stage fire pit and deep red accent pillows are all illuminated by candlelight. At night, the […]


Sukuma Museum

Sukuma Museum (Bujora Cultural Centre, Mwanza) — The Sukuma tribe are one of the largest in Tanzania. This venue was set up as a community initiative to preserve the tribe’s tradition arts and culture in the form of ‘living history’. The museum, which was set up in the late 1960s by the late Father David […]